Fighting without hope is no way to live.
It's just a way to die.
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strikeoflightning: ({Heartbreak})
Serah is gone. {She can't find her little sister anywhere. The pain of this loss is so much that she doesn't want anyone on the journals to see her face.} It will be some time before I see her again.

{And that period of time is lengthening the longer she is in Luceti.}

I believe she will fight and become stronger. I only wish I could be by her side.

{But that isn't in the cards and she knows it.}

I won't be practicing in the Battle Dome today. {Without an enemy she can see and part of her family at her side, Lightning is feeling…tired.} Tell me of your families, residents. I don't want to forget the memories I forged with my sister.
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