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strikeoflightning: ({Avenging})
"Lightning majors in the Commando, Ravager and Medic roles. Compared to most of her companions she has high physical and magical attack stats (the second highest attack stat behind Fang, and tied for the second highest magic stat with Vanille), making her best role the Commando due effectively using both Attacks and Ruin spells, although her weapons give the lowest stat boosts. Lightning has low HP gain compared to the others and when everyone's stats are maxed out, only Hope will have less HP than her.

Magic-wise, Lightning is utilitarian, able to use all four elemental "-strike" attacks, all elemental magic to the "-Ra" rank, as well as Thundaga. Lightning's Full ATB Skill, Army of One, increases the target's stagger gauge based on the current chain count. She is a skilled offensive Synergist, learning all of the basic protection spells save Veil and learning the "En-" series of spells.

Despite her low HP, Lightning can be a good Sentinel, as she learns all of the role's Auto-Abilities, and when pairing the Elude ability with the Nimbletoe Boots, she can avoid a large amount of damage from enemies."

She can also summon an Eidolon named Odin:

"Lightning's Eidolon, Odin, is a large armored knight with a two-bladed sword joined at the hilt. In Gestalt Mode he transforms into the horse Sleipnir, which Lightning rides while wielding Odin's sword, Zantetsuken, split in two. When not in Gestalt Mode Odin uses a combination of Thunder based spells and physical attacks while acting as a Sentinel and drawing in enemy attacks. Lightning has multiple ways to help with both her Ravager role to boost the enemies' chain gauge, and her Commando role to keep the gauge high."

And her weapon of choice is her gun-blade, which is named Omega Weapon.

So the question is:

Can Lightning use her powers on your character?
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