Fighting without hope is no way to live.
It's just a way to die.
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strikeoflightning: ({Arms Crossed})
{Lightning is pinning a list to one of the walls in the home she shares with Serah. A small smirk follows a re-read of what she has in store for her little sister. She wants her to be prepared for anything. Gods know, she needs to be.}

Are you prepared for tomorrow? {That question is directed at the village in general. For the moment, Lightning is without her armor, but she still possesses the mind of a warrior. Her ideology is a form of armor that she will never shed.} Expect the best; prepare for the worst.

I am seeing to my sister's training, yet I could [and would] make time for more students should the need arise. I require no payment; I want the village armed against the unknown.

We live to make the impossible possible. {Her smirk returns, though it is filled with pride this time rather than mischief.}
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