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{Action/Video} ~ The Seventh Strike.


{Her armor is back in order thanks to the skillful hands of the blacksmiths in the village. They have also cut out space for her wings, which were quite sore after the battle. She considered - briefly - keeping her new appendages covered, but in the end she decided to keep a closer eye on enemies coming at her from behind. The wings are troublesome enough without pushing them against unyielding metal.

After examining the finer aspects of the blacksmiths' handiwork, Lightning exits the shop with the armor slung over her shoulder. She is wearing a sleeveless black shirt - which doesn't completely hide the hint of a bandage wrapped around her abdomen - and tan pants. Yet, even with an obvious injury, she holds herself with strength, keeping her posture pristine.

As she walks down the street, she scans the crowd, offering a small smile as greeting to anyone who glances her way. Feel free to cross her path or call to get her attention!}


{This video occurs sometime later. The light is dim outside and Lightning is leaning over her journal, her voice low and calm.}

Our strength is returning. Pay your respects to those that are lost and return to your training. I will offer lessons starting next week. Contact me with a time that is suitable to you and I will reserve a space in the stadium. Also, tell me which weapon you prefer.

{She is confident in her ability to spar with just about any weapon - thus it really is up to the student.}

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