strikeoflightning: ({Stiff})
LIGHTNING. ([personal profile] strikeoflightning) wrote2014-05-27 10:00 pm
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{Video} ~ The Sixth Strike. {Backdated to After She Returns from the Rescue Mission.}

{Lightning shrugs off battered and dented armor, revealing a bandage wrapped around her abdomen. Blood has stained the material and she is already in the process of finding some fresh bandages.}

There were no answers given. Lives were lost and what did it mean? {Her voice is rougher, hoarser as she slams a fist against a table.} Sacrifices are tragic by themselves, but sacrifices without meaning are even worse.

{She grabs a bottle and takes a swig before slowly unwinding the bandage.}

I'm in need of a Healer. The blade was buried deep.

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