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{Written} ~ The Fifth Strike.

Serah is gone. {She can't find her little sister anywhere. The pain of this loss is so much that she doesn't want anyone on the journals to see her face.} It will be some time before I see her again.

{And that period of time is lengthening the longer she is in Luceti.}

I believe she will fight and become stronger. I only wish I could be by her side.

{But that isn't in the cards and she knows it.}

I won't be practicing in the Battle Dome today. {Without an enemy she can see and part of her family at her side, Lightning is feeling…tired.} Tell me of your families, residents. I don't want to forget the memories I forged with my sister.
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[Family is a complicated topic for Ginia. Because what do you say about your family when your parents were murdered and your older brother was a direct cause? What do you say when there's fresh memories of another life that was happier and better than your own?

But it's not about her at the moment, never is. Losing a sister here, that's rough. So if a distraction and a story is needed, then Ginia can provide.]

My dad was a kind, honorable person. He believed in the best of people even when the best was hard to see. My family owned a bar and he was the head bartender. If someone ever came in and couldn't pay for a drink, he would always let them pay with a story and tell them they could pay with money whenever they could.

You'd think people would rip him off and never come back or keep getting free drinks, but people always came back and paid properly. Or the people around them would cover their drink. I suppose Dad had that affect on people, his kindness rubbing off on other people.

[And yet wasn't that the same kindness that got him killed? When Braddock's men came to the door, her father was there to greet them with open arms and they greeted him with a dead body and a gunshot to the knee. Maybe he was too good for the world. Or maybe for all he tried, the world failed him.]
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They're good traits to have. People like my father and your sister, they're needed in the world. They make the world better. My mother was also much the same way. She loved people, being around them, talking to them. She was an actress and singer, wonderful at it.

And I speak of my father in past tense since he passed away. My mother too.

[Murdered was more accurate, but that wasn't anything she wanted to share with anyone, especially not in this case.]
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I agree. [Be the bad guy in order to save good people, wasn't that her own mantra? As long as her hands were dirty, good people could stay clean.] And as long as they continue to be an influence on others, more good people will follow.

Thank you.
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[No, it doesn't. But it's better to try than to do nothing. There's nothing more she can do for her world, being dead, but maybe she can make up for things in this place.]

Thank you. [Difficult even in the best of times, but she's trying to keep faith in the goodness of people.] The same to you.
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Do you want my blood family or do you want the people I count as my real family?

[ His Star Fleet people, the people who had helped him through more in his life than anyone else. He knew whom his blood relatives were, and he couldn't really get up the reason to care. ]
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You're going to have to wade through a long list. My crew's big, but they're my family.

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Here? Yeah, I guess that's pretty true.

Well, have you met a certain guy here? Kind of tall, bowl cut black hair, odd eyebrows, pointy ears, and loves logic like it's a religion. Which for his people it just might be, I've never quite figured it out.

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I didn't say that it was a bad trait. But sometimes logic isn't the best answer. Sometimes your gut instinct, the emotional one - that's the winner. Logic is good and great, but not everything in the universe follows logic. It's not infallible.

It also makes conversation with him a pain, sometimes.

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We are, but that isn't bad. He's saved me from doing some pretty stupid things now and then.

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Uh, yeah, something like that. I even managed to get around him marooning me on an ice planet.

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[Rei's view on family are a mess. It's really not a good topic to bring up, given that she hates her father, but she misses her mother dearly.]

Back home, I have my grandpapa. He's a sweet, kind man, and he's the manager of Hikawa shrine. He's a priest, and he's very good at his job.

But I have other family. Four sisters in deed, if not blood. Mizuno Ami, Aino Minako, Kino Makoto, and Tsukino Usagi. Ami-chan and Minako-chan are here, and I'm blessed with that.

I'm sorry about Serah-san.
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To have them? Yes.

[To have a dad like hers? No.]

We were brought together by fate, in a way. We were meant to meet.
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Ami-chan and Minako-chan are.

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I never will. Not after Usagi-chan came and went twice.
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None of them here. Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning, Healing, Light, and Darkness.
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Darkness is darkness. It's not chaos, and it's not evil. Darkness is just shadow, the absence of light. It's as normal and natural as night and day.

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Hi. Did your sister have pink hair? I met her when she arrived and she told me she had a sister. She said she was from Boddum (I don't know how it's spelt) and about leesee. She was practising fighting. She was nice to me.

If that wasn't your sister I'm sorry.

I lived with my mother back home but I went travelling so I haven't seen her for a long time. I ring home so she knows I'm OK and I know she is too.

I think my friends are like my family too. We're a team and I know being a trainer and being a pokémon (that's an animal in my world) isn't the same as being friends with another person, but I care about them a lot.

I can tell you more if you want. But are you sure it won't make you sad?

Take care.
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[ It's odd to meet Serah's sister like this. Maybe because it's such a sad time, and he didn't know Serah that well. Though what he knew of her world, it left in his head an example of how different the other worlds that people came from could be. ]

My mother is a nice lady. She makes home cooked meals and I miss that. I miss seeing her face too. [ Actually, writing it now reminds him of that, but he continues. ] But I know she's okay even when we're far apart. She's always cheerful whenever I phone her.

I take care of pokémon too. I had six with me before I came here, but I only came with three. There's other trainers here who came with three pokémon too so I'm not the only one, but I still think about if they're okay. People say that time freezes back home, but time's still moving for you.

I think about one pokémon called a charmeleon. She used to be a charmander. When we met she was very shy. A trainer didn't know how to take care of her so he gave her to meet. She was really nervous and quiet. I don't think she felt very brave around other pokémon. I don't know why, but we stayed close really close together because I thought it would help. I wanted her to feel better about herself. She's really grown up a lot. She evolved because of all the hard work she put into trying to come out of her shell and it's a long time since she evolved, but it wasn't that long back home.

I miss travelling with them all. But I know a lot of people here miss things from their worlds too. I'm lucky that I have some friends with me.
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We can both make new friends but still remember the ones we have. Thank you for reading about mine. I feel sad thinking about them back home but it was nice to tell someone how much she's grown.

If you want to meet people I know lots of different kinds here. What do you like to do? I know people who use magic and fight with swords and can move like the wind. I know people who can cook too. I can try and introduce you to a friend you have things in common with.

You can talk to me too whenever you like. I remember Serah had a sword but I don't know anything about swords myself.