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{Video} ~ The Fourth Strike.

{Lightning is pinning a list to one of the walls in the home she shares with Serah. A small smirk follows a re-read of what she has in store for her little sister. She wants her to be prepared for anything. Gods know, she needs to be.}

Are you prepared for tomorrow? {That question is directed at the village in general. For the moment, Lightning is without her armor, but she still possesses the mind of a warrior. Her ideology is a form of armor that she will never shed.} Expect the best; prepare for the worst.

I am seeing to my sister's training, yet I could [and would] make time for more students should the need arise. I require no payment; I want the village armed against the unknown.

We live to make the impossible possible. {Her smirk returns, though it is filled with pride this time rather than mischief.}
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[Is something going on tomorrow? Karla almost asks, but the next statement answers it. Prepare, in case something bad happens.]

[She smiles with optimism.]

Whatever happens tomorrow, I'm sure we'll get through it.
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...We can't?

[How strange. Her sword has never failed her before. Even if the challenge is too great, there's always teamwork.]

I think we can. We can combine our abilities if the need arises.

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Well, of course I'll never stop improving. But it also depends on what sort of "ills" you're talking about.

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If you are open to the idea of training others and preparing the village against the unknown, a group of us have been working on forming an... organization of sorts to do just that. Interested?
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[ Equally skilled with sword and gun -- that could be useful. ]

My name is Hatake Kakashi. I'd be interested in hearing more about your skills, and telling you more, but not on this network. It isn't secure. Are you free to meet in person?
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[ Someone offering to teach....... ]

Are you a swordsman... er.. woman?
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I am! I mean, learning more! I already know some stuff.
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[ Oh that escalated quickly. But...! ] probably later today would be fine?