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LIGHTNING. ([personal profile] strikeoflightning) wrote2014-02-23 06:11 pm
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{Voice} ~ The Third Strike.

Within this dome, I have been given a gift. This gift is far greater than any I have been given before and yet I hesitate to offer my gratitude. Can one gift - no matter how sorely sought - mend the pain those in this village have endured?

{Lightning's voice is clear and calm. Whatever this gift may be, she isn't revealing its true identity. Not over such an open and public feed.}

Humans suffer. Such is their lot in life. There are few who accept such a fate with equanimity. Before I chose to serve in the ranks of the goddess, I was not amongst those who could bide their time and hold their tongue. However she and time have altered my vision.

{There is a rise and a fall to her words. Yet those tides are not determined by emotion.}

I withhold my thanks for the gift given and I stand awaiting the future. We will walk this path together - whether for ill or good - and, in the final days of this village, we will set eyes upon our captors. Their reasoning will be clear to us then.

I wonder, will their reasoning cause joy or weeping?

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