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IC Contact

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I had brought Snow to the Flower Shop. He needs your guidance that I cannot give without destroying his will. I had crushed him once. He is standing in front.

[It's Caius' way of saying, "Sorry, I broke one of the toys. I can't fix it. Can you do it?" Here's the link" to the entry.]
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He asked.

[Really. Things could have been much worse.]

I shall leave this to you. It is better that he does not know who we are other than our names to spare his sanity.

[Oh yes, let's bring up future bad guy turned ally in this place. That'll only confuse Snow more. She's going to need it. All the luck goes to her. In the meantime, Caius will stay in the corner with Yeul.]
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[There's a tapping sound and loud clang of metal on stone. He pretty much stabbed the cobblestone with Chaos' Revenge through the stone as if it's nothing more than dirt. That sword has seen more abuse than his armor.]

No need to call to arms.

[The sound of creaking leather indicates his shift as he kneels.]

His whereabouts are unknown. Perhaps I should follow him once I see him on patrol again. I will not engage. I will only discover his location though I doubt he will not notice my presence. He has been one with the Chaos before. I fear....I own this problem.
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I enabled him.

[Which makes it his responsibility in his mind. He wasn't warned about him properly even though Fang mentioned that she was killed by Sephiroth. He had only a vague idea but nothing more to go on. Then again, the death he heard about was only circumstantial and nothing to prove insanity.]

I shall continue to track his signs through the Chaos. I cannot leave Yeul alone.

[And what better way to do this is to focus on him outside of the city. There, he isn't bombarded with various life signs to crash against his consciousness during meditation that would muddle his senses.]
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[Why are they a glutton for punishment? It's their lot in life. They can't have life without misery.]

He will not attack her though he may make the attempt to remove me. He seems to have a fondness for Yeul just as she of him.

[He's not going to even discuss his jealousy. Oh yeah, both Caius and Sephiroth shared those warning stares.]
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[Yeah, that doesn't set well with him either. It's been rubbing him the wrong way since the day Sephiroth came across Yeul when the Shadows were taking over the city. It's been that long.

All she needs is a little nudge in the wrong direction and everything will go to hell real fast.]

A simple approach is not cause for alarm, not yet. She has not reached the point where the Chaos is beyond her control. So far, she is showing no signs of degradation. My soul rests within her to stave off any loss of control she may exhibit. As of now, it has worked in our favor.

[He takes a moment to breathe.]

I have not forgotten our alliance. For now, he has made no move. Should he make the attempt to remove me, I will be in contact. His fight will be with me. Should the time come, I will need you to remove Yeul from the area. You realize that this will not be an easy task.
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Act in haste and failure is inevitable. His sights are not on me just yet. I have given him no reason to act accordingly.

[It's better that he doesn't know where Lighting will take Yeul when that time comes. It's less risky and he won't ask either.]
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[No argument here. He thinks it's stupid when others provoke Sephiroth or himself for that matter. So far, he's been pretty good about walking away when he has no concern for the matter at hand. It's safer that way.]

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[He feels that they're beyond words of gratitude with that silent understanding of one another that the "thank you" is already there and implied heavily with a hum in response as he turns off the feed. Not much more needs to be said.]

[luceti, written] 06/06

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Hi Lightning,

Did you fight in the draft? I don't remember hearing your name when the names got called out but I know a lot of people went to help.
[ He's only recently thought about opening up his journal again so he didn't see her journal entry when she returned. But he does remember her calling herself a warrior. ]

If you did I hope you're okay and if you're having trouble sleeping I have a friend that can help. She's not human but she's kind.

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[luceti, written] 06/06

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Hi. I'm glad you're wound is starting to heal and you're alright too. If you want to see my friend later you can always change your mind. Unless you're used to what it was like out there. A lot of people weren't but I know some people are. [ And that's sad to him, but he's understood for a while some worlds are so bright. ]

I'm OK. I didn't get hurt badly and my pokémon are OK too. We're going to make sure to be better prepared too.
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[luceti, written] 06/06

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I can show you if you want with the video. They're out with me right now or I can show you them later. There's other trainers here with other pokémon too.
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[luceti, written to video] 06/06

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[ He doesn't think he'd get separated from them very easily, but over to video it is! When it comes on it shows Red's face, before it gets slowly swung over to the yellow and curious face of Pikachu. He had been sitting there watching Red write. ] This is Pikachu.

[ And from Pikachu it goes to Venusaur, who is for the most part still upon the grass, a good view of her from the side present in the video. ] That's Venusaur. She was my first pokémon.

[ And last, nearby to Venusaur, the screen goes over to the large shape of Snorlax who, as might've been heard already in the background during the introductions, is snoring away heavily. ] And that's Snorlax. He's always that loud when he sleeps.

[ Thankfully he's far enough for the snores not to completely drone him out. Which makes Red curious, the book facing him again. ]

Are you okay with talking over the journals? We can go back to writing if you want, but I thought I would ask.
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[luceti, video] 06/06

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[ He shifts how he sits, finding a good position as he speaks. ] Okay, then we can talk instead. You look comfy anyway. [ He smiles a bit at that. ]

Anyway, that's what I call everyone. I'm not really good at names. Everyone calls Venusaur 'Saur' though. [ Him included. ] They're not easy to lose either, since I can put them inside balls and carry them with me. It's a device thing from my world that's really common.
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[luceti, video] 06/06

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[ He had hoped saying what he did would help answer the question about pokéballs before it came, but that's fine. ]

That's right. And it's just something that pokéballs can do. [ He suspects she hasn't seen one, so he'll unclip one from his belt and bring it up to the journal. It's about the size of a walnut, held in his fingers. ] I don't know how it works.

[ He puts it down. ] But I bet there's things like that in your world too right?
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[luceti, video] 06/06

[personal profile] pokeboy 2014-06-24 03:29 pm (UTC)(link)
[ He thinks about how he might be able to help, mouth skewing and head tilting. ]

Maybe someone else does? [ Well. ] Not pokéballs, but how to make stuff like that? You just need someone like a scientist or an expert in making things.